Project Design 

Network Services

 IP Control Systems

High Level Security 

 Satellite Communication

Software Project Design


 Satellite Network Systems

Lojistik Sistem Satellite Network Systems




ISO 9001:2000

Solution and Service Divisions

wan/lan,  project design and independent technical analysis

Operating system installation, hardware conflicts, technical failures

Commerce solutionsi and managment decision support reporting

Product sales and sales network services

Internet information sharing and support services

On-line information and high level IP systems

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Business re-engineering, quality managment, information technologies consulting

wan/lan system environment analysis, application- directing of information needs

Active-tolls application for data communication and cabling services for foundation systems

an-to host and netware operating system installations

wan wide area online networking automations

dat/upsdata security integrationi hardware and network solutions

web supported commerce applications, e-commerce and corporate 

Audio, video, data communication and high level security systems

E-mail, e-fax, archiving paprless office applications

Outsource hiring services of specialized personnel and hardware on communication

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